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Hello, I love this article. Like all aspects of style, gaining an eye for color is simply a matter of trial and error and finding what works for you. Instead of trying to match your tie to her outfit, match it to yours. A typical menswear combo you see a lot is gray and purple, but you can also match this shirt with dark blues or green. Another option would be to get a striped blue tie that matches their attire and then wear one of those suits and a different shirt.

This season's shirts for women are reinvented with stylish and masculine cuts. Minimal designs are stylised with applique details for a touch of uniqueness. Achieve a casual look with a denim shirt, or combine it with any other garment.
Best combinations are: red and white, light brown and black, which resembles the leopard print, blue and white and so on. • Pair stripes with a neutral color if you want to feel safe. If you’re just starting to wear stripes, wear them with a block of color on your other half.
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Free shipping and returns on Men's Striped Dress Shirts at Skip navigation. Give a little wow. The best gifts are here, every day of the year. LIGHT BLUE/ WHITE; Eton Extra Slim Fit Stripe Dress Shirt. Ledbury 'Blue Banker' Classic Fit Stripe Dress Shirt. $ Robert Talbott Tailored Fit Stripe Dress Shirt.
No-Brainer Shirt and Pants Combinations. In fact, the white dress shirt is a wardrobe cornerstone — about as important as, say, a belt or a navy blazer. light blue, ecru and yellow shirts. And gray pants provide a solid anchor to brightly colored or boldly patterned shirts. Do you have trouble pairing dress shirts and pants? Leave me.
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Stripes are really cool and they can come in so many variations: I have a post about stripes too on my blog http: Superb advice of matching same prints or say different. This is very helpful thank you, matching up a solid neutral and a bright tie in stripes is a fair combination for isolation as well. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. To me this look feels almost too American.. Dear Lucas, Thank your for sharing your blog!

We are always excited to discover new fashion bloggers! Your Comment and Input Cancel reply. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Sign up for updates! PLUS, sign up now and receive our free bonus guide: There was an error submitting your subscription. Gary, you should keep it neutral — brown to match the tie or off-white.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Lucky for you, we have a whole collection of silk knit ties. Oh, and go UK! How do you feel about maroon? Check out this Maroon Silk Knit Tie. Maroon and cream is a luxurious color combination and perfect for winter. Since your shirt color is simple, you can wear a tie or bow tie with more texture.

I hope this helps give you some more fashion sense! The darker the shirt the more casual it would be and the less likely we would be to wear it with a tie at all.

If you do, a dark tie is necessary, but that can quickly get into Regis Philbin circa territory. We say either lighten up on the shirt a crisp white shirt looks great on everybody or ditch the tie altogether. Is the idea of a red tie a good choice? What can we do to talk you out of this shirt and tie combination, Lester?

We have never seen this look pulled off. Hello…I am thinking to buy a tie for my friend so what kind of tie goes well with Light blue shirt nd black coat over it?? Black puts a limit on your choices because strong, saturated colors tend to look too loud when contrasted against black. On the flip side, dark, subdued colors can be too close to black and not differentiated enough. A solid black tie is a safe choice. Try a black knit for some texture contrast. Hello, I love this article.

How would I pick a coordinating shirt color? What would go best with these two items? Not classic white dress shirt simple though, that could make you look like a waiter.

So how about a light gray dress shirt? A gray shirt will pick up the hues of silver in your tie and bring your outfit together nicely. This kind of depends on the rest of the outfit, but a lighter gray ash shirt can work with a lot.

A typical menswear combo you see a lot is gray and purple, but you can also match this shirt with dark blues or green. Your friend could also wear a patterned tie with multiple colors since the shirt is on the simpler side. I wish more men would find your tips.. Normally, Jimmy Johnson is impeccable.. I think I love football season for more reasons than watching the games! Those guys genuinely seem to have fun. Even if your pocket square is a solid color you get brownie points in our book.

How would a black bow tie look on a red shirt and navy blue suit and pant? Or should I avoid the tie? Definitely avoid a black bow tie or tie. You can wear a tie, just make sure it matches. Since you have two strong colors in your shirt and suit, go for a complementary red or blue in lighter or darker shades tie to match. Hi, I love your article! His suit jacket is very dark blue. White ones are getting a bit monotonous…. We hear you about those white dress shirts!

However if you really want your partner to step up their shirt game, take a look at this bright gingham dress shirt. White shirts are the easy way out, challenge your partner to match one of these instead. I have a navy blue shirt with small white dots printed all over it. A dark, dotted shirt is a casual shirt, Carlos. Your best bet is not to wear it with a tie at all.

So, if I have a checkered shirt and a mini dot necktie, should I wear mini dot suspenders that correspond with the tie? Matching your suspenders to your tie would make it look like you were wearing three ties at the same time. I would recommend choosing the darker color in your mini dot necktie and corresponding a pair of solid-colored suspenders to that color. Im wearing an ash grey blazer and trousers with cherry red shirt, which tie would be ideal match to both the suit as well as the shirt?

A cherry red shirt is not appropriate for a tie, Puneet. Strong saturated color shirts are inherently casual. If a tie is required, then we suggest changing to a toned down shirt color like lavender with a tie that incorporates both gray and lavender for a colorful and classy combination. Do you prefer skinny ties over wider ties or vice versa on someone with a slimmer build?

We prefer non-extreme ties regardless of your build, Sam. Too skinny and too wide are both too extreme for our taste. We range between 2 inches at the narrowest and 2. The general rule of thumb is that your tie width should match your lapel width. A color that bridges the high contrast between your purple suit and white shirt is a good move.

An off white suit and a pink shirt should not be worn with a tie. If you are headed into a business or formal situation, we highly recommend going in a different direction with the suit. If yes what colour should I pick? Our rule of thumb is that your tie should always be a shade or more darker than your shirt.

A black shirt has an inherently casual look that a tie will disrupt. If a tie is required, we suggest changing to a white shirt. If not, go tie-less, Tom. Hi, My son is completing his 12th and is preparing for his farewell party.

He has a white skin and slim enough with a fit body. We all are eager to select a suit for him. What suggestion on color and pattern do you feel that will be good for him to chose. We have a concierge service that can give you specific recommendations and help you measure and customize your suit, so our first recommendation is to email us at concierge blacklapel. We can offer this general advice: A straightforward navy blue or charcoal gray is a good foundation of a wardrobe. If you like both gray and blue and are looking for something a little different, a charcoal blue suit may be the perfect choice.

Hey guys, thanks for the great article and the time you dedicate to reply. I have a navy blue knit tie with wide horizontal red stripes around 1cm thick and cm apart. What kind of shirt do you think I can wear with it? The tie you describe sounds a lot like the one we featured in this look with a crisp white shirt.

Why a crisp white shirt? Because it gave us a neutral canvas on which to showcase the color in the tie. As for color combinations, that really depends on your own coloring your skin, hair, eyes, etc. Hi, im going to a wedding soon, its cold in the UK so will be wearing a Ted Baker charcoal wool suit, the shirt i want to wear is blue with vertical purple stripes bold , my tie choice i think would be solid purple or paisly purple, both silk with matching top pocket this wrapped up in patent black leather shoes.

Any advice on this selection please, i do have a black pin striped hugo boss which maymgo better? Sounds like a strong statement, Ken. Our one word of caution: Otherwise, have at it! As a rule of thumb, your tie should be darker than the color of your shirt. Dark shirts are pretty casual. Add the pindots and this shirt sounds even more casual. So we suggest an appropriately relaxed vibe in the tie, like a knit. We suggest one with stripes like this to keep the look laid back but stylish.

I have a solid color slim black tie. I want to buy a formal shirt for it. I already have black, blue, pink and white. I want some other color. The pant is very dark blue in color. Can anyone help me with this? A truly formal shirt would, nine times out of 10, be white. Our advice, though, is to go easy on the bright colors with a black tie. Black creates such strong contrast it can make an otherwise appropriate shirt look a little clownish.

Stick with whites, light grays and pale blue shirts for with a navy suit and black tie. The darker a shirt the more casual it becomes. The more casual it becomes the less appropriate a tie looks with it. Save it for evenings and weekends with jeans and chinos. My brothers wedding is on December Sixth, I am wearing a navy blue 3 piece suit with a light lavender shirt. I am not to sure what tie to match with it. I want it to be bold but classy also. And do you think dark brown fancy loafers go with the outfit?

What handkerchief should I wear? I am going for a conference and I intend to wear black suit with golden shirt over black shoes, what colour of tie do you think. The problem is the black and gold combo. A black suit tends to look best with white or gray shirts. The same holds true for the tie color. One of our secrets to dressing well is to match your tie color to your eye color , Victor.

The tie can be a solid color just look for one with a little texture or include another color from your outfit like the blue from your shirt. With a simple light blue shirt and dark tie. Loving all Te help by the way. Sticking with one base color is a great way to simplify your choices and come up with a good look. In this case, going with shades of blue will work. The only small word of caution.

For more on this, check out our series on fit for more on nailing the fit of your tailored clothing. I wish to say that this article is awesome, nice written and include approximately all vital infos. I have a grey suit and just bought a light blue shirt, using black shoes and belt, what color should i pick for my tie?

The answer to most clothing color questions is looking back at you in the mirror. Go with a blue tie. Salt and pepper hair? Try a gray patterned tie. Using that rule of thumb will yield a much better result than us picking a tie for you without knowing what you look like. My question here is if I can wear black pants with purple more of a light purple shirt, brown belt and shoes. Im not wearing tie nor bow tie. I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice on this.

And again, if you opt for the black tie, you should follow up with a pair of black shoes. Hope this was worth the wait. What tie would go well with this shirt?

If you want a bit more of a subdued shirt and tie combination, go with a solid color tie. You can check out the Black Lapel Accessories Page for our selection of knit ties, and I think the Navy would look great. Whats a good tie colour for this? In addition, what is your opinion on wearing a black bowtie with the mentioned above? You could wear your black blazer with a black tie or bow tie, but opt for a white or light gray dress shirt.

Hi Black Lapel, I have a patterned sky blue shirt to wear with a dark blue or navy blue pants. What would you suggest for a tie? Is black tie good enough? James, you and this outfit are better than a plain black tie! I have a black with pink floral bow tie, to wear to a semi-formal outdoor wedding reception. What shirt and pant color combo would work best? I recommend white or a very pale pink. For the pant color combo, I would stay away from black to avoid looking like the servers.

Hi Black Lapel — You guys have been a resource for the savvy student on more than one occasion! Wow, mandatory use of a specific color is pretty unusual. The problem is, purple can be dark and get lost in sea of black provided by your suit. One solution to this problem is to go with lavender, but if your school color is purple, lavender will look off by comparison. Going with a true purple tie against a black suit is hard to pull off.

Keep the purple accents small and sharp. Try a pair of cufflinks with purple in them , for example. Try a purple lapel flower for a classy splash of color. A purple tie bar also works. And for the truly strapped student, one the of the most cost effective ways to add color to an outfit: Those will really tie your whole look together pun intended. I have a solid light peach colored shirt to wear with a blue sharkskin suit.

Matching the color of your clothes to your skin and hair and facial features is much more important. So, rather than suggest a specific tie, we suggest a few stories where we explain how to pair your clothes to your personal look.

The first story to look at is our story on creating your own shirt style. The choice of shirt gets you off to a good start. When wearing a black suit, a monochrome look is always our first suggestion. Stick with a black or dark gray.

The whole look will come off minimalist and sharp. I am wearing a dark grey slim fit suit with a navy blue shirt, but not sure what colour tie to pair with it. Dark shirts are inherently informal, so wearing them with a tie can be tricky. Combine a dark shirt with a dark suit and you really paint yourself into a corner. Swap out the shirt with a classic white dress shirt.

With a white shirt and a dark gray suit, your can choose just about any tie. Then, after the graduation, throw on that navy blue shirt and head out to for a night on the town to celebrate. I am attending a valedictory service next week and we are ask to put on sky blue or tortuous blue and black trouser. Which tie shshould I use with it And shoe. With black pants the shoe choice is a no-brainer: As for the tie, try to incoroprate the jacket color. Of course, all of this advice is being given with a blindfold on.

What colour and pattern of tie should I wear with that combination? Your recommendation would be greatly appreciated. I wait with anticipation for your response.

The answer you seek, Paul, is looking back at you in the mirror. Match your ties to your eyes. Choose from any number of blue ties. You get the idea. Follow these color guidelines and the pattern matching and matching your shirts and ties becomes much simpler.

Great info and advises. Please, RD, we beg of you, wear a white shirt. A black suit creates a jarring contrast with just about every colored shirt, yet we see so many guys get exctied to dress up and go overboard with the color and end up looking clownish.

Now, let us also say this: We recommend them with a lot of outfits, just not with a black suit because of the aforementioned jarring contrast. We much prefer navy blue and charcoal gray for a dark suit for this reason.

Those two suit choices go with just about every shirt and tie combination you can think of. Hello Black Lapel, I have three shirts, light blue, light green, and light purple. I have ties that are mostly black that have darker hues of the shirt colors stripped in them.

I have beige, grey, dark navy and black dress pants. I have a big interview and want to look sharp. Any ideas on what my bottom half should do to compliment the shirts? The answer, Samuel, is looking right back at you every time you look in the mirror. Color combinations are less about matching your clothes to each other as they are about matching your clothes to your face, skin, hair and other features.

With all things fashion, it depends on who you ask. That said, we prefer solid pocket squares in linen, cotton and wool to take some of the sheen off of them. Puffed pocket squares look great with a pattern on them.

For more on pocket squares check out our Ultimate Pocket Square Collection story. Hey David, I think this look you mention is a little outdated. I bought black suit and burgundy bow tie. My question is what color my shirt should be? I already bought white shirt with one chest pocket but i have some doubts about the pocket and the color. What would you suggest me? My question is about black tuxedo and sky blue shirt and burgundy bow tie.

Rest easy, Vane, a white shirt is always appropriate. A chest pocket is usually reserved for a more casual shirt. A black suit with a bow tie at a wedding is about as close as you can get to a tuxedo without actually wearing one. So your shirt should match the formality of the outfit and that means no chest pocket.

Any Black Lapel shirt can be customized to include these features. As for the color of the shirt, as we said, white is always appropriate. Most colored shirts will create too stark of a contrast on a black suit, so we suggest white, and ivory or light gray.

How do you decide which of these will look best on you? Look in the mirror. The most important matching is not how your clothes match each other, but how they match you. For more on that, check out our story on creating your own shirt style. Hi BL, the organisation I work for is hosting her staff to a dinner and I have the following questions:. Can I combine a light grey suit jacket with black pant trousers? Can I wear a red gingham shirt along with my combination above? That whole outfit sounds good, Azeez.

Combining gray and black is as easy as they get. The red gingham shirt takes what could be a formal look and turns it a little more casual. The choice to forego a tie further relaxes the look. If going without a tie is appropriate for the event, we say go forth. I got a navy suit with a black slim lapel what shirt and tie would really make it stand out and attractive?.

If you want a look that stands out, always go with high contrasting colors. I would wear a crisp white dress shirt and a colorful tie and pocket square combination for a clean cut, dressier look. You could also rock a bright gingham dress shirt for a more stylish yet casual vibe.

Hey I have a neon blue plain shirt, Im wearing black dockers with it but I didnt want to go with the traditional black tie. What color tie besides the black could work? Here comes some tough love, Travis so bear with us. Under no circumstances would we recommend wearing a neon shirt with a tie. So what do we suggest instead? Hello, what do you think about light pink shirt and red tie on a medium dark grey suit for graduation ceremony?

Can you give me some suggestions for the shirt and tie for medium dark grey suit, i have a 3 piece suit. A pink shirt on a gray suit is a nice combo. A red tie on a pink shirt can get kind of lost. Try a contrast like this silk knit tie instead. Aside from being a coordinated look, the knit tie will add a little texture to your outfit. I have a Burberry black tie that I have never worn but I do not know how to match it. I find a white dress shirt too basic and I will not be wearing a suit for the event as it is not a formal graduation.

Could you help me out as to how to match the tie? White dress shirts are too basic? Every man ought to have a few in his closet. Once you add in black elements, we veer towards monochromatic outfits. In fact, we wrote a whole story about monochrome outfits called the 5 Essentials of the Accidental Minimalist. If we were to stray from white with a black tie we would go with a cool color like light blue or lavender in a subtle stripe.

Save the black shirt for nighttime specifically, the nightclub. During the day and with a tie we stick with the classic white shirt. I have a wedding at the end of June. Does that sound too aggressive? Skulls and crossbones, camouflage, these do carry some pretty violent connotations, which is kind of antithetical to the whole peace and love vibe of a wedding, but then again, if the groom is tatted up and the bride is a goth girl, maybe this is perfectly appropriate.

The long and the short of it, Steve, is, this is a judgement call. Everyone is wearing a white shirt as far as I know and I want something different. If everybody else is wearing a white shirt, you may want to give it some thought before you change things up.

Still, we support your right to be an individual. You could go with the Striped Tie on Check Shirt option and go with a check shirt that coordinated with the green in the tie. Depending on the shade of green in the tie, this could work. So, I have a small dilemma! Im wearing a red gown for prom and my date got a navy blue suit. The navy blue suit has some black lining on the collar and on the pocket of the suit. The suit looks really good with a black shirt but the red bowtie clashes with the shirt and suit.

How can we incorporate some red into the navy blue suit which has some black lining? Well Susan, if your date were the one who asked us about this situation we would tell him the same thing we tell all guys when they ask about matching their date: Our first bit of advice to him would be to ditch the black shirt.

This is a formal affair. White is the proper formal shirt color. So we suggest he go with a white shirt and black tie to bring the whole outfit together. In menswear, when in doubt, simplify. All this talk about prom has got us reminiscing about taking our sweet dance moves out on the floor back in the day. Hi, I have a light grey blue suit. A navy shirt makes that nearly impossible. If you do want to keep the shirt navy, that pretty much leaves you with a solid black tie as your only option.

We suggest you change the shirt to either a light blue or a white. That will give you a lot more flexibility in ties. Polo shirt and bow tie, Drew? Did you mean an orange and white checkered dress shirt?

Go with an orange tie with some texture to it like a linen or cotton or wool in winter. I need to match my tie with my prom date who is wearing a beige dress. I want to wear a black suit with a beige tie but cant seem to think of a shirt colour to go with that since plain white makes the tie almost invisible. What shirt color to go with a black suit and beige tie? Focus on picking a tie that works for your look, not her outfit. Try a black or gray tie. If your date is so self-obsessed that she demands that you match your outfit to hers, perhaps you ought to be looking for a new date.

Beyond that I need to wear it with a black or light gray suit that I already own. Which suit should I wear and what kind of tie? Another option would be to get a striped blue tie that matches their attire and then wear one of those suits and a different shirt. With this option, which suit and shirt combination should I wear. I sincerely appreciate any help you can provide.

This is an easy one, Michael. Go with the combination we suggested in the last photo on this page. The tie we featured there is the Charcoal Blue Plaid. What color shirt and tie should I go with? I was thinking a light blue color with a darker blue patterned tie? Blue and black is a tough combination to pull off. Or, if you want to stick with the black pants, then go with a black tie to bring the whole look together.

Hi, Would a light blue dress shirt match with a white tie, navy dress pants, a black or beown belt its reversable and black dress shoes. One rule of thumb we adhere to is never wear a tie that is lighter than your shirt. That pretty much rules out white ties. Hi, does a solid blue bowtie and solid blue pocket square match with black dress shoes, black dress pants, and a grey dress shirt? These colors can all work.

As for this particular matchup our only piece of advice would be not to wear a tie and pocket square that match precisely. Those matching sets of ties and pocket squares that you find at cheesy menswear stores are strictly for scrubs. I saw a guy on tv wearing a khaki suit, light yellow shirt and mint green tie.

What do you think of this combo? We suggest avoiding mustard yellow dress shirts like the plague. As for the rest of the outfit, it all comes down to shading. With the exception of the American Civil War era, blue and gray have always gotten along nicely when it comes to menswear.

Yup, belt and shoe colors should match, Manuel. I have a navy slim fit suit for a wedding. We would suggest one change, Stew: Matching the tie and the pocket square is considered a Busch League move. Otherwise, sounds like a strong outfit.

Hey, someone asked this question earlier but I was wondering if you could go into detail a little. I was thinking about a pair of brown shoes and possibly a brown belt….

What colors and patterns do I avoid? Chinos are on the casual end of the spectrum. So is going without a blazer. So a tie is not mandatory for this type of look and may even look out of place. A super formal tie would look strange with such a laid back look. Our favorite way to take the tie down a step in formality is to wear a knit tie.

As we have covered at length before , we love knit ties for their utility as well as their style and we think every man should have one or two or 10 in his tie arsenal. As for shirt and tie, a white shirt and a knit tie that coordinates with the pants is the way to go. You will notice that the color choices are simple.

The opposite is true as well. I have navy blue pants. As you can see in the dotted tie on patterned shirt photo above, we like dotted ties with gingham shirts. Gingham is classically a more casual pattern. Can you imagine Cary Grant in a green gingham shirt?

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