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A long tunic is always a good option with leggings, for an outfit that is both very comfortable, and very stylish. It's hard to pull off a fashionable look if you wear leggings as a pair of pants, instead of as a pair of tights under other clothing, but obviously, the choice is yours. You can also consider getting some white leggings and combine with a long cotton blouse or short dress as seen here https: You could still wear skinny style pants but choose styles that skim the legs, not hug them. How to wear leggings over 40, an extensive guide by Sylvia.

Look for tops in your fave color for a bright ensemble. Lauren Ralph Lauren and Charter Club offer lovely elongated blouses in soft, lightweight fabrics. Play with patterns like stripes, paisley and colorblocking designs in complementary tones.
Apr 20,  · Teens, leggings and a long top that covers your butt, a cute scarf, plus neutral colored boots are a great laid back outfit for school, just switch the scarf for some long necklaces for a night out. Make sure your shirt covers your butt, particularly if you are wearing leggings to work%(6).
A Super soft USA made sweater color block layered tunic (preferably peeking out from bottom). Full fabric cowl neck detail with trendy long body, this is perfect match for your leggings and riding boots.
I love leggings. I think when worn as you have noted, Syliva, with more generously long tops, they highlight the part of the leg that very rarely changes in size or shape as we age (the knee to the ankle).
DO wear long tops or sweaters that cover your derriere. DO wear the right underwear with leggings. DO layer your tops to achieve balance. rain, and snow. They can be flat, wedged, or heeled and, if you are going to or are in the snow, you can wear snow boots with your leggings outfit. Keep the stiletto and over-the-knee boots in the closet.
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My long time girl friend who was a buyer for Marshall Fields just got me onto leggings. I am in Florida and worn with a lovely summery top, look fantastic. My mother is 83, and looks wonderful in loose fitting leggings. In paisley and other very flattering prints, they look great. Which is the comfort standard I always strive for.

I like either way short or longer tops. Usually that would be a coat. But wear mine with moto jacket, fake fury vest and V-neck sweater as well like here… http: I have black leggings but when I wear them they are somewhat wrinkley looking or slightly bagging when getting up from sitting around knee area.

Totally agree with you Sylvia. Was just thinking the same thing. I keep coming back to this post because leggings can be so stylish and material mix can make a difference too. So love your advice here! Totally love my Adidas animal print grey leggings and have been wering them for 2 years now. Great for sightseeing in NYC see current post or everyday life. I just dont feel that comfortable wearing them the Chanel-style. Love the pics here Silvia though. But not for me. Makes me feel hidden.

Have a nice day! I have them in very many colors and designs … even in pastels yes ;-. I though do not like animal prints, except zebra, so this is not an issue for me. I had already started wearing skinny jeans and pants as soon as they made their comeback by , mostly with short dresses.

When it comes to shoes, to my opinion, everything goes but low sneakers which make me look as heading straight to the gym, though high sneakers are ok. Age is not a factor to affect your looks, if you carry off what you wear with confidence. Belief in yourself is the key to fashion in the slightly higher age bracket. I am in a wheelchair and age My legs are ugly and I have poor circulation so I have to wear support socks or hose.

So I always wear pants. My daughter is getting married in the fall and I have a off white vintage type tunic with a small gold embellishment between the breast she picked it out and plum color leggings. Should I keep the flats or try to find something in the leggings color to match. Any other suggestions would help. Thank you so much. Is it OK to belt a long tunic or dress? I love the cream leggings and outfits.

Oh I so love that cream, sleeveless boat neck tunic with the asymmetric pleated hem. Perhaps a legging might work better than thick tights with that cream dress of mine. But I have no money left. Yes, I love to wear leggings. I think this isy third time around.

I wear them for casual and dressy. I also wear leggings over tights and under long johns in the winter. As well as having a successful career as an IT Architect. I wear leggings with my Vans tees and trainers all the time. If you are still toned and have the figure to get away with it then why not? I wear leggings with a sweater all the time, and sometimes with t shirts.

Sometimes it covers, sometimes not. Totally agree Karen, if you are fit and look good why not indeed. However I think the article is talking generally, Id bet the vast majority of over 40s 50s are not snowboarders or indeed i assume would look good in leggings and regular size tees. I admire your fitness, I was a PT for over 20 years until fibromyalgia took a hold and now most days I can barely walk around the house, I still want to look good though lol but now comfort is a very close second.

This article was written to give women ideas to hide their big bellies, if they have one. This article is very helpful to women like me. Do you have any advice about wearing a Tulle midi skirt …I am 67 size 12 waist and would like to wear a black tulle skirt to a wedding….. The wedding is in Paris and is a black themed wedding. This is my humble opinion. Leggings are too rugged for a tulle skirt, especially to a formal wedding.

Secondly, if the wedding is in Paris, you need to be extremely confident about what you choose to wear. Parisian women have an effortless and elegant style. I say go for simplicity and put your effort toward a really good, elegant pair of shoes that will accentuate the skirt. I am short, and have short legs, so tunic tops make me look stubby. A good length is to shorten to the tips of your fingers with your arm extended at your side. Thank you for your tip, I am built like you lol and have terrible trouble buying clothes that fit and suit, I am 51 and 5ft and believe me every single lb shows up and is hard to loose.

I am going to invest in a sewing machine and get snipping x. All your advice seems to be for women who are short with apple or pear shapes.

I suppose your advice would be to do the opposite to what you advise. I love your advice though. I give advice to women of all shapes. There is a special article for tall women too at https: Help this is a great article. I would like to wear them with shorter knit dresses, but my slips are too long.

Any suggestions for preventing knit dresses from clinging to knits. Should I just wear tights and buy some shorter slips if I can find them. Why do you need a slip? Sometimes cling can be reduced by rubbing a fabric softener sheet onto the fabrics.

Just use a good pair of sissors and cut the slip to the desired length. A slip is just an extra layer and it should not bring any attention to itself. In cold climates, a snug undergarment is good for thermal layering. Target has a long camisole the length of a slip that is available in the maternity department.

This may be a solution for you. I like to wear leggings ,so im little short and how can I wearing shoes to ,if the leggings ower the ankle.?. High heels is good or not.. I like to know from you.. Yes heels can work in a similar way as they are worn with skinnies. For lots more tips on what shoes to wear with what pants, see this article https: Okay, you advised that people with big calves not wear form fitting leggings.

What should we wear? You cannot, and should not exclude us. What about the rest of us? There are so many other options to wear. You could still wear skinny style pants but choose styles that skim the legs, not hug them. You may like to have a look at the body type guides in this section where I have written many articles for all kinds of body types. I love your blog! Thank you for the tips with leggings. I forgot what I had been missing.

I am just turned 71, as I remember I wore a lot of leggings in , when I was in college. In fact I still kept some of them until now.

Just last week, I tried them on and they fit! There are over articles here to inspire you Robert. However for the most constructive help and personal feedback I recommend my 21 steps course http: Can you tell me when it was written? I appreciate dates on either articles or comments. I love leggings and the assets shapewear ones in particular!

But my only gripe with them, is that because of the fact that most womens behinds are larger than their thighs, the material over the bum stretches and allows the skin and panties to be more visible than liked!! So in short, make the bum area denser material, but the leggings themselves should be worn as women see fit!!! A grat pair of leggings which I wear almost exclusively know is Spanx…Coverage is really good and they hold you in.

You will want to choose tops that accentuate your slimmest pant. All wide is just going to make you look bigger so find tops that are a bit tailored in the waist. Empire tops can work too although it does not work for all apple women.

I recommend visiting my article on the apple shape https: We like to style even as we age. I am in total agreement with your advice on how to wear leggings. I am in my mid 60s, am a full figured woman and I am tall. I absolutely love my leggings and find it hard to wear regular slacks now. Anyway, I have a good friend who is in her late 60s who wears leggings all the time.

She pairs leggings with short, fitted tees, etc. I sure wish she would wake up! She needs to read your article. I found it so helpful. I have worn leggings since I was 6 years old. I feel comfortable and warm when I wear leggings. I wear leggings when I run and when I go to the pool. I feel happy and healthy when I wear leggings.

I have mixed feelings about leggings. I am petite and tops that just cover the butt or are asymmetrical look best. I need to show as much leg as possible. I rarely wear them outside the house except to exercise because they remind me of thick stockings, and I never wear them in our mhumid summers. I prefer slim pants. I think leggings can be fantastic. If you wear it in the right way of course!

I have to say, I have not fully taken advantage of a legging. I have a pretty cream dress which is too short and I always wear it with green slim trousers and leopard pumps. A black legging could give me another option. Is it ok to wear colored leggings? I am 70, and would like to wear long tunics or short skirts to work, but in an age-appropriate way- i. Absolutely, although I find that leggings look better when you go for one of the more neutral colors or if the color nicely blends in with your tunic.

Comfy leggings lead to a longer life! Hi — I love leggings with tunic type tops. Mine are bamboo fabric — so comfortable. I am 64 years old. To pull this look off at work, the sweater has to look really nice.

Wear shoes that complement the leggings. Sandals look great with leggings but aren't acceptable for most work places. Avoid sandals in a professional work environment, especially with leggings, which will look even more casual. Pair the leggings with low or high black boots. Pair them with close-toed shoes with a little bit of a heel.

Switch over to denim-style leggings for casual Fridays. You can pair a flowing tunic top with denim leggings and ballet flats. To dress it up more for work, add a couple of long chain necklaces or a decorative scarf. You'll look trendy and casual at the same time. Avoid wearing leggings with shorts to work.

Though this may be a cute look if you're out with your friends, avoid the look in the workplace even if it's a casual day. You wouldn't wear shorts to work on casual Friday, and the same goes for shorts with leggings, unless, they are properly tailored shorts. Method 3 Quiz What is one acceptable way to wear leggings in most workplaces?

Choose leggings with loud patterns to make sure they're less revealing. There is no acceptable way to wear leggings in the workplace. Wear a nice blouse with your leggings. Could a trendy person over 60 wear leggings with a beautiful long tunic?

I think trendy people over 60 can rock anything, but that's also a good combination. Not Helpful 0 Helpful You can, but the thickest ones may not look look the most flattering with skirts.

Tights are often the best option with skirts. I'm going to 6th grade next year, and my dad said I can't wear leggings anymore. What do I do? Either don't wear leggings, or try to make a deal with him, like wearing leggings with long shirts, under skirts, etc. Yes, you certainly can. Just make sure that the weather is chilly in the 60's or you'll find this combination too warm. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Not Helpful 5 Helpful Yes, you can, but it generally doesn't look good in the butt region.

It is better to wear it at home. If you must wear a short shirt with your leggings, consider wearing a longer cardigan or sweater jacket over it. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Can I wear leggings with a top that's short in the front and long in the back with lace up flats? The whole idea is to cover the butt region. Just make sure your leggings are thick enough and not transparent.

You have two options. Wear the size that fit your thighs and risk the baggy effect in other areas, or you can get the smaller size which might be more flattering, but may cause a sheer effect in the thigh area.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful It's up to you, and whatever fits in your closet, but fold them so they don't bunch up and wrinkle, two or three times is best. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5. Of course you can wear a vintage dress with leggings. Choosing one with a defined waist is flattering and helps to avoid a "sack" kind of look.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful 9. How should I style leggings worn under shorts? Answer this question Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Quick Summary If you want to wear leggings stylishly, find a pair that are snug but not too tight and hit at your ankle area.

Did this summary help you? Tips Teens, leggings and a long top that covers your butt, a cute scarf, plus neutral colored boots are a great laid back outfit for school, just switch the scarf for some long necklaces for a night out. Make sure your shirt covers your butt, particularly if you are wearing leggings to work.

Don't wear bright colored underwear even if you are wearing a long top. You are able to see it through your leggings if they are cotton. Make sure your favorite black leggings haven't faded to gray. If they have, just save them for housework and get a new pair. Be careful of what type of underwear you wear with cotton leggings!! Others can see the lining. Invest in fleece lined leggings for the colder months. Wear cotton leggings for a more cozy and snug lazy day.

Did you try these steps? Upload a picture for other readers to see. For the shoes, you can simply wear white sneakers instead of boots to keep the outfit clean and simple.

Here is a very stylish extra long tunic top that is a dark grey and light grey color block long sleeve tunic top. Again, you can interchangeably wear either black leggings or dark blue skinny jeans.

Wear a pair of dark grey leather knee high boots to add some style and toughess to this look. To achieve a refreshing and lovely look, how about wearing sky blue button up extra long tunic blouse? You can simply wear it with a pair of light grey skinny jeans or even a pair of white leggings.

For the shoes, to keep this outfit light and simply, you can wear a pair of pale pink sandals instead of long boots. Here is a super simple yet ladylike and attractive look. For the top, you can wear a white long sleeve tunic tee that comes with a crochet lace hem design. Pair it with black leather leggings to look lean and tall. For the shoes, a pair of pale pink ballet flats would look perfect. This is a somewhat playfully designed tunic top. It is basically a grey, black and white color block long tunic top.

Simply pair it with black leggings and a pair of grey knee high leather boots to complete this outfit in a stylish and attractive way. To form this slightly more mature and poise look, you may want to generally use darker colors.

For example, you may want to wear a navy blue button up long tunic shirt for the top.

How to wear leggings so you look stylish?

One of the best long tops to wear with leggings is a long, slim sweater. This rich olive one has a flattering boatneck neckline that creates width up top and makes your shoulders look broad, which in turns makes you bottom half look slimmer. I love leggings. I think when worn as you have noted, Syliva, with more generously long tops, they highlight the part of the leg that very rarely changes in size or shape as we age (the knee to the ankle). Grey and White Lace Long Tunic Top with Black Leggings & Knee High Boots. source. To form this more cozy and youthful look, you can choose a grey extra long tunic top .