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In many countries of the world, there has been a phase-out of lightweight plastic bags. Single-use plastic shopping bags, commonly made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic, have traditionally been given free to customers by stores when purchasing goods—a popular method considered a strong, cheap, and hygienic way of transporting items.. Problems associated with plastic bags .
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New Zealand announced Friday it will ban disposable plastic shopping bags by next July as the nation tries to live up to its clean-and-green image.
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Home And Hardware Supply. Number of Pieces 1. Length Less Than 6 ft. Height 2" to 2. Width Less Than 6 ft. Product Category Disposable Storage Bags. Category Food Storage Containers. Please enter a minimum and maximum price. Price Shown at Cart. Showing 40 of results that match your query. This really smart bag measures 30cm x 33cm x 8cm with 26cm handles approx It has. Shiny finish and one interior open pocket. Thank you for looking today. Made from shiny oilcloth for easy cleaning.

Do not dry clean. Made from high Quality Matte cloth handbags shoulder tote bag,Floral leaf printed. Easy to carry when you go out or take your baby to have a trip. Fully lined with zipped dividing pocket down the cent Farmyard design Comes from a pet and smoke fr Used handbag but plenty of life left in it. Please see picture of liner in the bag.

Some marks to it Comes from a smoke and pet free home. Brand new oilcloth pink butterfly cross body bag Approximate Size: Height - 30cm, Length - 32cm, Depth - 7cm.

Great for the poor weather as it is rainproof and has a handy zip. The design is no longer available. All over ditsy floral print. Zip fastening to the top. Ivory Coast banned plastic bags in , but it was controversial with water sellers.

Kenya tried to ban manufacture and import of plastic bags in the year and as a way to protect the environment. Primary packaging bags, hospital waste bags, and garbage bin liners having been exempted from the ban.

The ban has been hailed to be amongst the most stringent in the world. The government has promised to ban disposable plastic items in the near future [30].

Madagascar introduced a plastic bag ban in Malawi introduced a plastic bag ban in Mali has banned plastic bags. Mauritania banned the use, manufacture and import of plastic bags from January as a way to protect the environment, livestock, and marine species.

Morocco passed a law in October banning the use of plastic bags nationwide. The law officially came into effect on 1 July Before the ban, Morocco was the 2nd largest consumer of plastic bags in Africa and the second in the world per capita after the United States.

Mozambique has had a plastic bag charge since 5 February Niger has a plastic bag ban in force. Rwanda prohibited shops from giving away plastic bags to their customers in Senegal has banned plastic bags in April Plastic bags were banned in the self-declared Republic of Somaliland on 1 March after a day grace period that the government had given to the public to get rid of their stocks.

The Ministry of Trade and Industries announced the cabinet decision in a decree titled: The bags had been nicknamed "the Hargeysa flower", as many of them ended up being blown around and getting stuck in trees and shrubs, posing a danger to livestock because the animals that feed on the leaves often ingest the bags accidentally.

In the ban was repeated by Presidential Decree No. To ensure the implementation of the ban, the government constituted enforcement teams in to conduct special drives which launch probes into business stalls.

At least men and women in uniform deployed into the main markets and shopping malls. The government announced fines against violators who continue selling plastic bags in the country. Plastic bags were a major concern in South Africa before the bag levy was introduced in The bags were never banned, but a levy was introduced, payable by the plastic bag manufacturer.

The thicker plastic bags are levied and although this move initially caused outrage with consumers and an initial decline in volumes, consumers use has continually increased to several billion plastic shopping bags every year.

South Sudan has banned lightweight plastic bags. Khartoum State has banned plastic bags. The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar banned plastic bags in Togo banned plastic bags in July Tunisia introduced a ban on plastic bag distribution in supermarkets starting from 1 March An agreement was signed between the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment and large supermarket chains in the country to enact the first phase of a process aiming to reduce the consumption of plastic bags.

Although the laws came into effect in September of that year, [54] they have not been enforced and have failed to measurably reduce the use of plastic bags. A strict ban was introduced in Bangladesh in after floods caused by littered plastic bags submerged two-thirds of the country in water between and Bhutan has banned plastic bags, but the legislation has not been very effective so far. Cambodia passed the legislation to impose a plastic bag tax in October Supermarkets now are charging customers Riels 10 US cents per plastic bag should they need one.

A total plastic bag ban on ultra thin plastic bags and a fee on plastic bags was introduced in China on 1 June This came into effect because of the problems with sewerage and general waste.

However, first hand accounts clearly indicate, the ban has seen limited success, and that the use of plastic bags remains prevalent. Street vendors and smaller stores, which make up a significant portion of retail in China, do not abide by the policy in part due to difficulties of enforcing the ban. Hong Kong forbids retailers from giving plastic bags under a certain thickness and for free. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has also passed regulation to ban all polythene bags less than 50 microns on 18 March In , Sikkim, India's first fully organic state, [64] banned the use of not only packaged drinking water bottles in any government meetings or functions but also food containers made from polystyrene foam all over the state.

The Karnataka state became first state to ban all forms of plastic carry bags, plastic banners, plastic buntings, flex, plastic flags, plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic spoons, cling films and plastic sheets for spreading on dining tables irrespective of thickness including the above items made of thermacol and plastic which uses plastic micro beads.

The state Government of Maharashtra banned plastic starting 23 June Starting in , Environment Ministry enforced retailers in 23 cities across the archipelago mini-market, hypermarket, and supermarket to charge consumers for plastic bags between Rp. And money which came from tax are used by retailers as public funds for waste management alongside non-governmental organizations.

Since January , large retailers are required to charge consumers for plastic bags with handles, at NIS 0. The tax revenues will be used to fund public waste-management programs. Legislation in Japan varies by region, from outright bans to none at all. Kazakhstan is considering a plastic bag ban. Kyrgyzstan is considering a plastic bag ban. A tax on plastic bags applies in Penang , [77] while a similar tax in the state of Selangor applies only on Saturdays, since In , plastic bag factories in Rangoon were ordered by local authorities to stop production by the end of November or face heavy punishment, as the Burmese government looked to ban plastic bags.

Rangoon was thus following in the footsteps of central Burma's Mandalay and the new capital Naypyidaw , both of which had eliminated plastic bags. Nepal has banned plastic bags, but the legislation is poorly enforced.

A plastic bag ban is being planned by the Omani government. There are plastic bag bans in parts of Pakistan, but there is poor enforcement.

There is a plastic bag ban in Manila, but it is poorly enforced. South Korea banned the distribution of lightweight plastic bags from supermarkets and bakeries in August Sri Lanka banned plastic bags in due to a waste crisis. In January , Taiwan banned the free distribution of lightweight plastic bags.

Many stores have replaced plastic with recycled paper boxes. In November , the European Commission published a proposal aiming to reduce the consumption of lightweight thickness below 50 microns plastic carrier bags. Albania has banned lightweight plastic bags as of Austria has a voluntary agreement in place whereby retailers apply a charge to bags. Belgium has plastic bag bans in place in Wallonia and Brussels, with bans set to also be introduced to Flanders.

The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has reportedly introduced a adopted a decree on fees for retailers offering lightweight plastic bags. Bulgaria has seen a significant reduction in use since applying a charge to plastic bags. Croatia is planning on introducing a plastic bag charge in Cyprus introduced a bag charge on 1 January , though shops were reportedly ignoring the new law. The Czech Republic has a plastic bag levy in place.

In , Denmark introduced a tax on retailers giving out plastic bags. This encouraged stores to charge for plastic bags and pushed the use of reusable bags. Estonia introduced a bag tax in July Finland applies a tax to plastic bags through a voluntary agreement.

Following a National Assembly vote on 11 October , France banned plastic carrier bags under 50 microns starting 1 July Produce bags are banned starting 1 January Re-usable or compostable bags are allowed. Georgia has reportedly banned plastic bags, as of Germany imposes a fee on excess packaging through its Green Dot program, which included plastic bags. An agreement was signed between trade representatives and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety in April to reduce plastic bags, excepting thin bags for fruit and vegetables, bags for deep-freeze products and long-term usable bags, [] resulting in many shops no longer offer such plastic bags free of cost since July Should the goal not be achieved, it is foreseen that a law may be passed banning shops from handing them out.

A plastic bag charge was introduced on 1 January Hungary has a voluntary agreement with retailers whereby they apply a charge to bags. The revenue is put into an Environment Fund.

In January , Italy banned the distribution of lightweight plastic bags that are not from biodegradable sources. Latvia will introduce a bag charge on 1 January Lithuania will introduce a bag charge on 31 December Luxembourg applies a tax to plastic bags. Malta has had an eco-tax on plastic bags since , but it is poorly enforced.

The Moldovan parliament has passed legislation banning plastic bags. It came into force for larger retailers in , came into force for medium-sized retailers on 1 January and is scheduled for small retailers in The Netherlands implemented a comprehensive ban on free plastic shopping bags on 1 January The ban has a small number of exemptions for unpacked food products which are exposed to possible contamination, such as fresh fruit.

Norway has a voluntary agreement with retailers whereby they apply a charge to bags. A plastic recycling levy was introduced on 1 January Single-use plastic bags cost a minimum of 0.

The modification in reduced the tax on plastic bags and was regarded by some as a step backwards from environmental protection. Serbia has a tax on manufacturers and importers of plastic bags [] and plans to introduce a ban on lightweight plastic bags and a charge on biodegradable bags in order to reduce bag use to under 90 per person by Slovakia has an obligatory charge for certain types of plastic bags.

The charge was introduced on 1 January Slovenia plans to ban free lightweight plastic bags from 1 January Spain introduced a plastic bag charge on 1 July Sweden has a plastic bag levy in place. In , the two largest chains of supermarkets in Switzerland, the Federation of Migros Cooperatives and Coop , announced that they will progressively stop to distribute free plastic bags at the check-out.

Migros previously tested the measure in the Canton of Vaud since Plastic bags are banned is some parts of Turkey [] and a levy was scheduled to be introduced nationally in January The Climate Change Act served as the legislative framework for the regulation of plastic bags in the United Kingdom.

Wales introduced a legal minimum charge of 5 pence for almost all single use bags in October Paper and biodegradable bags are included in the charge as well as plastic bags, with only a few specific exemptions — such as for unpackaged food or medicine supplied on an NHS prescription. VAT raised from the charge is collected by the government. Retailers are asked to pass the rest of the proceeds on to charities. Northern Ireland introduced a 5 pence levy on almost all single use bags on 8 April A five pence minimum charge for single-use carrier bags came into force in Scotland on 20 October The proceeds of the charge can be used by the retailers as they see fit, [] although retailers are encouraged to pledge to donate proceeds to "good causes".

England was the last country in the United Kingdom to adopt the 5 pence charge, [] with the levy taking effect on 5 October Unlike the rest of the UK, the English charge does not apply to paper bags or bags made from other natural materials.

As with the other nations, VAT raised on sales will be collected by the Government. Retailers can choose how the money raised from bag sales is used. The Government publishes information yearly on the scheme, encouraging retailers to donate the proceeds to charities. To promote the growth of new businesses in England, retailers with fewer than employees are exempt from the charge. The Falkland Islands has a voluntary agreement in place where retailers charge for bags and donate the proceeds to charity.

There is a plastic bag ban in place in Antigua and Barbuda. The Bahamas government has announced a plan to ban plastic bags by Belize has pledged to ban plastic bags by 22 April Earth Day.

The Toronto City Council voted on 6 June , to ban plastic bags effective 1 January , and to scrap the city's five-cent bag fee starting 1 July Haiti has banned plastic bags. There is a working group examining a state motion to ban plastic bags in Jamaica.

On 17 September , the Jamaican Cabinet announced a total ban on the importation, manufacture, distribution and use of single-use plastic bags, effective 1 January Mexico approved legislation to ban and fine plastic bags in August However, the legislation is not observed.

Panama's Assembly has passed legislation banning plastic bags. There is no national plastic bag fee or ban currently in effect in the United States. However, the state of California, [] and the territories of American Samoa and Puerto Rico [] have banned disposable bags.

Over counties and municipalities have enacted ordinances either imposing a fee on plastic bags or banning them outright, including all counties in Hawaii. Chicago repealed the ban it had passed 30 April that went into effect starting 1 August Reusable bags were defined as being at least 2.

Californians voted in November to approve state legislation banning plastic bags statewide in Propositions 67 and Although the nation does not ban lightweight bags, the states of South Australia , Tasmania , and the ACT and Northern Territory , along with some cities have independently banned the bag.

It is estimated that million bags are saved each year. In , the Labour government pledged to phase out single-use plastic bags within a year's time. New Zealand is one of the highest producers of urban waste in the developed world, per capita, according to OECD data. In , Papua New Guinea announced a previous ban on non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags would be enforced starting 1 January

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